How to Wash a Backpack in Just a Few Easy Steps

LYNN REDMILE from goodhousekeeping said that Commuting to work, going to school, hiking or even just enjoying a day in the park can all leave their marks (literally!) on your backpack. Whenever your backpack heads outside, it’s exposed to dirt and grime. And even if you give your bag a once over with a disinfecting […]

Top-Rated Cleaning Products from Walmart To Try in 2021

If there’s one habit we picked up in 2020 that we will happily carry into the New Year, it’s spending a little extra time cleaning our home. In fact, we might even say that new cleaning products have become a source of joy in our everyday routines. If you’re ready to add some new miracle-working […]

How to Clean Leather Sofa | Step By Step Guideline

Sofas are essential decorative elements in a living room, waiting room or office; therefore, it is ideal that they look clean and cared for at all times. If you want to know how to clean a leather sofa , in this SIL Cleaning article we will facilitate your cleaning and maintenance tasks at home or office, showing you the process.   Use a […]