How to clean laminate floor

how to clean laminate floor

Doubts about how to clean a laminate floor are very frequent, especially due to the delicacy of the parquet or the natural wood flooring itself.

Brooms, mops, mops, vacuum cleaners or robot vacuum cleaners are the most useful cleaning tools to keep a wooden floor looking like new.

Now clean your laminate floor

The laminated wooden floors are so elegant and delicate. Both the parquet and the flooring require special and daily care that is often difficult to assume due to lack of time.


Although the most complicated of all is to keep a wooden floor in perfect condition, since even a little water can generate marks or damage the parquet.


Irritant or water-based cleaning products , such as bleach and ammonia, only aggravate this deterioration , as well as not using the correct tools, such as the use of steam cleaning machines.


And is that laminate flooring is a relatively soft type of flooring , similar to vinyl flooring, due to the flexible characteristics of wood. In this way, the heat would only widen the shelves and even deform them. Problem that is pressing in the knots of the wood, the most sensitive area of the shelves.



That is why a wooden floor must be kept as dry as possible, be it rustic wood or old, varnished and laminated wood.



How to clean a wooden floor and fight tough stains?

L Wipe off while any spills or liquid on the wood immediately is essential . Now products like vinegar, mild soaps, and even using hot water instead of cold water can help you deal with some of the toughest stains. For others, you simply have to resort to your imagination.


Heel stains

All you need is an eraser.



The most useful thing is to freeze it with a bag of peas or the like, and then gently remove it with a plastic knife.



Acetone or nail polish remover does not harm wood and removes paint stains quickly.



Wiping with a clean cloth is more than enough.


Chewing gum or gum

Just use a plastic knife if you press too hard


Blood stains

Using window cleaner makes the task easier than any other product. After applying it, it is enough to wipe with a microfiber cloth.


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What products are used to clean a laminate floor and which ones should be avoided?

In order to keep a wooden floor as newly installed, it can be cleaned with vinegar; koresene, specific alcohol or soap solution.



However, it is necessary to avoid steam treatments, clean with ammonia, bleach or bicarbonate.


What tools exist to clean a wooden floor safely?

Dry cleaning utensils

Only those certified as suitable , since the rest must be kept away from parquet and other wooden floors, since they will only get it to widen.


Mops and brooms

From a fine hair broom to a mop is more than enough to keep a wooden floor clean on a daily basis.


It’s not just water or moisture that is harmful to laminate flooring; dirt and grit can also scratch the wood or become embedded in the cracks. The result is the separation of the slats.


Hand Vacuum Cleaners, Robot Vacuums and Vacuums

Although it may not seem like it, it is possible to clean a wooden floor with a robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, most robot vacuum cleaners that are specially designed for soft floors, or what is the same, will not mistreat the surface.


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What characteristics should a robot vacuum cleaner have to clean a wooden floor? It is essential that you have rubber brushes, both the central and the sides, and wheels of the same material. It is also important that you can overcome obstacles one or two centimeters high.



Another highlight is that it incorporates a mop, a common feature of robot vacuum cleaners . Of course, it does not replace the need for a mop for very complicated or encrusted stains, even if it softens them. The idea of having a robot vacuum cleaner at home is to maintain a daily cleaning.


What types of robot vacuum cleaners can we use when cleaning the parquet?

Vacuum robots: they only sweep and vacuum , so they should have a minimum power of 1500 pascals if you have carpets or pets at home. Of course, this is just one of the characteristics to assess in order to find the best robot vacuum cleaner .



Mop floor scrubbing robot vacuum cleaners: the most complete and suitable if you want to have everything in one smart vacuum cleaner. Ideally, it should consist of a valve that expels water when moving, and that presents a platform when returning to the base so that it does not wet the sleep and spoil it.


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