How to Clean Leather Sofa | Step By Step Guideline


Sofas are essential decorative elements in a living room, waiting room or office; therefore, it is ideal that they look clean and cared for at all times. If you want to know how to clean a leather sofa , in this SIL Cleaning article we will facilitate your cleaning and maintenance tasks at home or office, showing you the process.


Use a vacuum cleaner that has a soft brush , since it is the most favorable to protect the delicate surfaces of this type of leather furniture, and, once these are free of residues, you can carry out their deep cleaning by following the following steps:


1.      Prepare the foam to clean the sofa


There are several ways to clean a leather sofa, but with this foam it can be quite simple; You just have to pour a jet of facial or body soap into a bucket of water , mixing the components with your hand until you achieve a lather.

2. Begin cleaning

To clean, you have to use a soft cloth moistened with the soapy water that you have previously prepared; Afterwards, you should make sure to drain it well and test it on a small area of ​​the sofa before starting the complete cleaning of the furniture.

3. Clean by sections

Another option on how to clean a leather sofa is based on cleaning in sections , using the cloth with the soap mixture on each part and removing this substance with distilled water each time you finish an area of ​​the furniture.

During the cleaning process of the leather chair, you must remove the soap residue from the surface that has been cleaned; This will prevent the dirt accumulated in some section from adhering to other areas of the furniture that are going to be cleaned.


4. Use a dry cloth

Once the furniture has been cleaned, proceed to use a dry cloth to remove any traces of moisture that have remained on the surface of the sofa.

5. Polishing the sofa

When the sofa is completely dry, you should polish it with another clean cloth to which a leather protector or special conditioner will be added to clean this kind of surfaces.

Cleaning with these products will help you get the shine out of your leather sofa and leave it as new.

Tips for the care and cleaning of a leather sofa

Regarding how to clean a leather sofa , although the above procedure allows you to do a deep cleaning of your furniture, if you take into account the following tips, you will spend less time and effort to clean it and preserve its original appearance.

Using baby wipes to remove stains

When we talk about how to clean a leather sofa that has food or drink stains, we explain that it can be done with baby wipes , since they are not usually corrosive products for this kind of surfaces and, therefore, they are highly recommended to remove debris that has fallen on the sofa without causing damage.

Use alcohol to clean impregnated stains

Regarding how to clean a leather sofa when a stain is impregnated, you can use a cotton ball with alcohol , rubbing it over the surface where the stain is located.

Also, avoid spreading it over other areas so that the stain does not spread further on the sofa.

Using talcum powder with turpentine and beeswax to add shine

Talc can be very helpful in polishing your sofa after a deep cleaning. One of the ways to restore its original appearance is to place a little powder on a cloth and begin to rub it across its entire surface.

After this, you will mix a bit of beeswax and turpentine , you will apply the mixture on the sofa, and let it dry and then wipe with a dry cloth and polish your leather furniture.

Use egg whites to remove stains from light colored sofas

When it comes to how to clean a stained light colored leather sofa, it may be necessary to opt to use egg whites to remove them. These should be whipped to the point of snow before being used on the stained area, and rubbed with a cloth until completely removed.

Clean dust and debris every 15 days

One of the options for how to clean a leather sofa while preventing residues from accumulating on it and adhering to the surfaces is that, approximately every 15 days, the furniture is vacuumed and wiped with a cloth dampened in water.

This will help keep the sofa clean, helping to make your long-term deep cleaning easier.

Clean the sofa at least 2 times a year

Even if you take precautions and clean your leather sofa quite frequently, it is always advisable to do a deep cleaning at least twice a year to remove all those residues that have been adhered to the leather of the sofa and can stain it if left on it during long time.

Avoid the sofa near the sun, heating or powerful lamps

In addition to the care that has been recommended above, there are other suggestions that must be taken into account to avoid that the sofa loses its color and can acquire a neglected appearance that affects the decoration of the place where it is located.

Among the most important, we must consider preventing at all costs that they are exposed directly to the sun, are not near powerful lamps and, in addition, are at a distance from the heating of more than half a meter.



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