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Do you ever get overwhelmed when you do spring cleaning? Where do you just want someone to start or tell you where to start? We love the cleaning tips to make life easier and the hacks for cleaning your home, and we love this list of homemade cleaning recipes, but what about a list? Here it is, your FREE spring cleaning checklist!

This spring cleaning checklist will help you get organized

I have six children and one boy, do his disasters ever overwhelm me Most days having a ready-made list is a great place to start! Today we are sharing our list with you.

You can print it here.

Before our spring cleaning day, I print out this list of things that need to be cleaned, we break it down for everyone, and in one weekend our house is clean and sparkling!

How to clean living areas

Clean all lamps or stick them in the dishwasher! We like to wash ours in the dishwasher every year or so. It’s so much easier than removing build-up!

Vacuum your sofa, recliner, and other fabric covered chairs / couches.

Stain the stains you find on your furniture.

Take a look at the carpet. Borrow a steam cleaner if you don’t have one and steam clean your rugs.

Dust and clean the leaves of indoor plants. Try using milk. Milk is excellent for washing leaves, leaves them shiny and hydrated, and protects them from insects.

Clean the blades on your ceiling fan. Try using a pillowcase to prevent dust bunnies from invading the rest of your home!

Sort your CDs, DVDs, books, and magazines. Throw away unused / unwanted ones OR donate to a local women’s shelter!


Throw all plastic toys into the dishwasher. Wash them on the top rack.

Tumble all the stuffed animals your kids have collected in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes with a damp towel. The heat filter and dryer will help kill any bacteria and remove dust and lint found on toys.

Vacuum and clean baseboards.

Vacuum and clean all air and exhaust fans.

Clean all window blinds.

Wash windows and window screens.

Clean all door knobs and jams.

Clean all the switch plates in your home.

Wash all the curtains.

Roll up all large rugs and vacuum and mop under them.

Make sure every room has a trash can – wash them.

Replace all batteries in all smoke detectors.

woman cleaning her kitchen

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Spring cleaning to-do list for the kitchen

Stop by the pantry and dump all the junk food – start with a clean, healthy chalkboard!

Toss in any expired or unliked foods. See those random bagged food scraps? Throw them too!

Make a staple inventory list. This list will make grocery shopping easier later!

Remove everything from the cabinets and clean them.

Throw away chipped or broken dishes, matchless lids / containers, etc.

Clean the top of the cabinets and refrigerator.

Lay a layer of parchment paper on top of the refrigerator and cabinets. The next time you clean, just pick up the paper, discard it, and replace it.

Sanitize sponges – 1 minute in the microwave with a damp sponge should be enough!

Clean the oven vents and the kitchen exhaust fan. If possible, run the filters through the dishwasher.

Degrease and wash all burners on the stove.

Clean the oven. Make it easier by starting with a pot of lemon water!

Say goodbye to brown! Rub all browned cookie sheets, bottoms of pots and pans, and other baking dishes.

Clean the garbage disposal unit. You can make a batch of waste buckets that will make future cleanups easier!

Clean the microwave. If your microwave has an exhaust vent, wipe and clean it.

Disassemble the sink aerator and remove all the dirt from the sink faucet. Soak the parts in vinegar.

Remove the trap from the sink and rinse the drain. Drains contain huge amounts of mold. You don’t want these spores in your kitchen!

Clean under the kitchen sink.

Organize your kitchen cleaning supplies.

Make your kitchen sink shine. Reseal the edge of your sink if necessary.

Move appliances if you can and clean under them. Am I the only one surprised by the amount of gross build-up I find under the stove?

Spring cleaning in your refrigerator

Clean your refrigerator. Remove all food from your refrigerator and freezer. Discard expired or unused items. Place items in refrigerators or double box cartons with some ice to keep them cool while you clean!

Place the refrigerator shelves in the dishwasher. Shelves or drawers are not machine washable, hand wash.

Clean the walls of your refrigerator. Add a new box of baking soda to keep the fridge smelling fresh!

If your freezer seems frozen, defrost it. Clean all the refrigerator seals.

Take your refrigerator out of the wall and vacuum the coils in the back of the refrigerator. This will help the performance of your refrigerator in the future. Clean the floor under your fridge while you’re there!

Wash the inside of the dishwasher! You won’t believe how easy it is with this DIY dishwasher recipe!

woman vacuum cleaner carpet

How to clean rooms and closets

Wash your pillows. Yes, you can really wash them!

Vacuum the mattress. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress first to absorb some of the trash.

Vacuum under your bed. If your bed is too big to fit under your mattress, move the bed to vacuum every inch!

Remove all clothing from your closet and discard anything that is unused, out of date, or otherwise damaged.

Eliminate old sweaters to make them new.

Put aside clothing that needs to be repaired.

Clean the clothes iron, all you need is a little salt!

Go through the clothes closet and throw out old, worn, or torn sheets.

Wash all towels to freshen them up! Add a couple of cups of vinegar to the wash. I like to wait until after the first rinse and then let them soak in the vinegar for half an hour or so and then wash them again. No more musty smell!

cleaning tiles with a toothbrush

Click on the image to print this list in verification format.

Spring cleaning to-do list for bathrooms

Stick the shower curtain and bath mats in the washing machine for a good clean. Let them air dry in the sun if possible later for UV disinfection. If they are especially frowning, replace them!

Empty the bathroom sink traps and clean the drains. Sink pipes are a greenhouse for mold!

Take the faucet aerators apart and dip them in vinegar to descale them.

Don’t forget the bathrooms! Clean your bathrooms. Give them a solid scrub.

Make a mini cleaning bucket for each bathroom, if you already have one, check your supplies.

Do you have Rain-Ex? Or another glass protector? Clean your shower walls, mirror, and other glass surfaces well, then spray some Rain-Ex on them. They will last longer before they need to be washed again.

Dip your shower head with a bag of vinegar to get rid of the crusty white build-up that limits shower flow and helps keep your faucet sparkling!

Replace your toothbrushes (or toothbrush heads) and wash your toothbrush / holders.

If you have a jetted tub, soak with a couple cups of bleach to sanitize and clean the jet system in your tub.

Clean and wash your hairbrush. Clean all beauty tools.


Get rid of old lotions, outdated makeup, and scraps that find their way into every bathroom!

Wash all makeup brushes, applicators, and removers.

Clean the walls, mop the floors. Don’t forget the baseboards!

Check the seals and grout around your bathtub and shower. Clean grout and anywhere you can’t clean thoroughly, scrape off moldy grout. Replace it with fresh grout.


Things to clean in a home office

Clean your cell phone with a disinfectant, OR just use water to clean with a silver microfiber cloth!

Clean your “key items” like TV remote controls, security keyboards, locks, and more.

Empty your bag and clean it.

Rearrange your bag.

Organize your bills from last year, throw out any receipts you don’t need to keep.

Make a backup of your computer’s hard drive. You never know when you wish you had!

Check your email inbox and delete old emails.

Unsubscribe from any spam email that you have accidentally signed up for.

Organize your invoices with a command center.

Make a list of your outstanding debts and the dates those bills are due. Make a plan to get rid of them.

Print family photos from last year to have a hard copy of your memories.

Vacuum the vents on your computer.

Remove the case from your computer and with a dust you can explode the fans. This will help your computer run much better!

Clean your keyboard. Keyboards pick up a ridiculous amount of germs and dirt!

Clean the car, garage and outdoor spaces

Drain the hot water heater using a hose in your backyard.

Spray the outside vent for your air conditioning unit.

Clean any outside exhaust fans.

Vacuum the ducts that lead to those fans (such as the dryer vent / fans).

Remove oil stains from your driveway.

Rub down the steering wheel of your car.

Change your windshield wipers and apply a waterproofing coat to your windshield.

Clean and polish the lights on your vehicle.

Degunk the cup holders in his car. Add silicone inserts to prevent dirt from coming back.

Vacuum the interior of your car and wash the exterior.

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